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Review: All That The Heart Desires by June Moonbridge


All That The Heart Desires

Author: June Moonbridge
Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction
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Nice Romance with an Amazing Backdrop
Rating: 4 Stars

This is a warm and entertaining contemporary romance set in a worldwide backdrop that follows the Formula 1 tour schedule.

Desiree Hart works as a supervisor at a perfume store in a luxury hotel. Unknown to everyone, she has a few secrets. The perfume store is actually hers, and more importantly, she still yearns to be reunited with her son, a boy forcibly taken from her back when he was still a baby. As fate would have it, she almost literally bumps into Lorcan Shore, only the hottest guy in the Formula 1 circuit. Lorcan is instantly drawn to Desiree but warning bells naturally ring on Desiree’s head. To complicate matters, the investigation on Desiree’s son leads to Lorcan. This sets up eventually for a nice and surprising ending.

I really enjoyed the romantic aspect of the story and how the relationship builds up and blossoms between the Desiree and Lorcan. Being known as a playboy, it is natual for Desiree to be skeptical about his advancements but it is nice to see how this wall is eventually broken down to show a different side to Lorcan. With a F1 backdrop, the author also manages to build up the relationship nicely despite the constant travel requirements the circuit entails.

Perhaps the only part I feel that could really be improved is that the pace builds up quite slowly. I felt a lot of information was provided more than necessary and could be omitted without sacrificing the story. This could increase the pace of the story and make the story even more interesting. This is just my personal opinion, and may not be reflective of everyone’s opinion.

Overall, a nice romantic read suitable for all romance lovers.



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