Book Review

Second Take by Roger Russell: Science Fiction At Its Finest


Second Take

Author: Roger Russell
Genre: Science Fiction
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Science Fiction At Its Best
Rating: 4 Stars

Second Take is an impressive take on the expansion of our world beyond the outer fringes of the universe.

The story deals primarily in space engineering, which happens at a very technological advanced time when mankind now has a realistic reach on planets beyond Earth and the focus of corporations are now on developing new untapped frontiers in space. The development in the early years had been on a section of the universe known as the inner spiral. With that section now at its maturity, together with new advancements in travel technology, the focus has now shifted to developing the farther edges of the universe, also known as the lower spiral. Seven high-profile individuals, who were convicted of being accomplices in a crime, were tasked to lead in the development for the next 10 years, meant to atone for their misdeeds. The story then proceeded to present the tasks, challenges and trials encountered.

The author paints a very realistic picture with a lot of details to make you clearly visualize how this world is portrayed. It spans a really vast universe, literally and story-wise. This in itself is very astounding, what with the research, preparation and thought process that must have gone to creating this universe and developing it into a story. As such, a lot of details had to be covered and again, the author did a very good job to ensure everything ties in. There were also a lot of characters introduced, with each character given their own air time in the story.

Having said that, there are two areas which I felt could still be improved upon, both in the area of storytelling. The story felt monotonous a few times with long patches of narration and very little dialogues. Again, this could be a side effect of the very large plot line, and the author had to cover a lot of the background so it may have been necessary. The second point would be on the "excitement" factor. While there were tension areas throughout the story, some modification in the delivery may help to make this even more entertaining.

All in all, a thorough and well written book! I would say that this is recommended for the avid sci-fi fans.



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